Villages further from the coast – Coin, Alhaurin, Monda

These regions are very different from the coast in many ways, reflecting Spanish culture and traditions. There used to be rural villages here, where agriculture was the main activity. Today, most of the locals work in other industries, and many go to the beach to work. This region is more popular with year-round residents than vacationers. In the absence of the owners, it is not easy to perform tasks related to a holiday home and these inland areas do not offer as many services as the coastal regions. However, this area has many advantages for a continuous stay here – for example, Malaga (airport), Fuengirola and Marbella are only half an hour’s drive from Coin. The locals speak less English here than on the coast, so it’s worth having a little Spanish if you plan to spend a lot of time here.

Property prices further from the coast

After all this, it is understandable that real estate prices here are significantly lower than in coastal cities. Here you can get a nice villa for as little as 300,000 euros, these are often bigger and more spacious than the houses on the beach. Here, it is worth paying attention to properties built without a permit. In recent years, the authorities have satisfied this and introduced the permit called AFO (Assimilado al régimen de Fuera de Ordenación), which certifies that the property was built legally. As a result, it was possible to curb large-scale unauthorized constructions. Before buying real estate, it is worth making sure that the property has this permit, because if it is not there, it may be problematic to sell it later.