The 20 Best European Destinations In 2024

Marbella Tops Travel Survey

Based on the vote of more than one million travelers from 172 countries, the European Best Destinations (EBD) organization has released its list of the 20 trendiest places — selected from 500-plus — to be awarded the title “The Best European Destination in 2024”.

With a record number of votes, Marbella, Spain, lands at the top of the list, the first time a Spanish destination has taken first place in the ranking. “It is the destination most voted for by American and English travelers for a stay in Europe in 2024,” EBD explains. “This is a sunny, five-star, natural, sporty, gastronomic destination with everything to please the most demanding travelers.”

Marbella is followed in the top five by Monaco, Malta, Geneva, and Batumi (Georgia).

“Exclusive destinations are back on track,” said Maximilien Lejeune, CEO of European Best Destinations.

No 1.  Marbella

This year’s winner drew 149,192 votes, a record since the competition was created. This placed Marbella not only as the trendiest European destination but also as one of the best Golf Destinations in Europe and one of the best for gourmets and shopping addicts.

Spain ranks highest for outdoor sports activities according to 8 Eurostat indicators, such as weather, air quality, and humidity. Marbella and its vicinity are particularly favored for sports like beach walks, mountain biking, golf, tennis, and even skiing in the Sierra Nevada during winter. Marbella is also the most popular destination for golfers.

“Wherever golfers choose to play, they will enjoy top-class golf courses, many of them with panoramic views of mountains and the Mediterranean,” writes EBD.

“Take a gastronomic tour of this food-loving Andalusian city that can cater to any craving—and delivers views and vibes to boot. With three Michelin-starred restaurants and hundreds of smaller eateries dishing up everything from Mediterranean and Thai to paella and succulent local tapas, great food is a major part of Marbella’s allure.”

With more than 300 days of sunshine annually, al fresco dining by the beach or beneath the stars is practically guaranteed. Marbella epitomizes opulent wealth and luxury, drawing the rich and famous to its exclusive clubs, restaurants, shops, and golf courses. With a growing number of tourists each year, demand for luxury properties in the city is rising, driving up investment value and rental potential.

No 2.  Monaco

This year’s #2 destination, Monaco, was shortlisted as a Sustainable Destination for its commitment to sustainable tourism and ocean protection.

“Monaco has been focusing on green development for many years, and the destination continues to expand and honor its commitment to nature,” says EBD. “It is seen as a perfect destination for a green getaway combining wellness, gastronomy, shopping, beach, water activities, and outdoor sports.”

It’s the favorite destination for couples ages 25-45 and the destination on the Riviera, which has garnered the most votes since the creation of this competition, ahead of Cannes and Nice.

A unique destination, Monaco reflects the perfect marriage between glamour, culture, and relaxation. Renowned for its security, it also surprises with the richness of its history.

“Gastronomic delights, cultural and sporting events, exceptional nightlife, shopping experiences, pampering spas…the most eclectic dreams come true on these two square kilometers place,” EBD explains.

The organization recommends Monaco for a romantic stay, a family trip, or a getaway with friends because it has a “diversity of hotel offerings to meet all expectations.”

No 3. Malta

Sunny Malta is a perfect place for romantic holidays, family holidays, or holidays with friends. It’s also a nature destination awarded the sustainable tourism label several times by the European Commission and has taken the number one position for travelers ages 25-45 on the prowl for an active holiday in Europe.

Malta, Gozo, and Comino offer stretches of countryside and stunning coastlines. “Wherever you go, the scenery and architecture provide a spectacular backdrop with the striking honey-colored stone of buildings facing the deepest Mediterranean blues,” EBD says.

With a year-round favorable climate and an array of underwater sites, Malta is consistently voted one of the best diving destinations in the World.

Malta’s culture is a unique blend of influences from various civilizations that inhabited the islands over thousands of years, from the prehistoric megalithic people to the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Knights of St. John.

The country is also the best European LGBTQ+ destination and has been #1 on the Rainbow Europe Map for seven consecutive years. The other two islands—Gozo and Comino—can be a pleasant change of scene or alternative destinations in themselves.