The Ultimate Guide to Nueva Andalucía Property Areas

Are you looking to invest in luxury real estate in Nueva Andalucía? This area guide provides all the necessary information about Nueva Andalucía and its luxury property market. If you’re looking for a family-friendly place, Nueva Andalucía is an excellent choice with some of the top international schools in Europe! Located in the golf valley of Marbella, Nueva Andalucía is well-known for its world-class golf courses and luxurious properties.

Where is Nueva Andalucía located?

Nueva Andalucía is one of the largest suburbs in Marbella, located to the west of the town and north of Puerto Banús. It’s the perfect place to find a combination of luxury villas and apartments, where the cities of Marbella, San Pedro Alcántara, Nueva Andalucía, and Benahavís converge. It only takes a 40-minute drive from Malaga Airport or a one-hour drive from Gibraltar to reach Nueva Andalucía. The area is about a 10-minute drive to Marbella town, five minutes to Puerto Banús, and ten minutes to San Pedro.

The region’s largest selection of championship golf courses is in Nueva Andalucía’s famous Golf Valley. Five golf courses span the valley, including Las Brisas, Los Naranjos, Aloha, La Cerquilla, and La Quinta. Therefore, the Golf Valley is one of the best areas in Nueva Andalucía.

What are the best areas for property in Nueva Andalucía?

The best places to live in Nueva Andalucía are situated around beautiful golf courses, such as Las Brisas Golf, Los Naranjos, Aloha Golf, and La Quinta Golf. These courses are considered to be top-notch and spread across the scenic landscape. Marbella is known for some of the most sought-after properties in Spain, and Nueva Andalucía offers the very best in luxury properties.

The most desirable luxury villas can be found in the front line of the golf courses, with La Cerquilla being the premium area and Las Brisas golf. Villa areas include Parcelas del Golf, a gated community with easy access to bars, restaurants, and shops. Vega del Colorado is another private gated community of large villas with expansive plots and excellent views.

Nueva Andalucía is conveniently located within walking distance of Puerto Banús, providing access to trendy shopping and dining options. Great deals are available in apartment complexes such as Aloha Gardens and Aloha Pueblo. We find Andalucía Garden Club, Malumbo, Aldea Blanco, and more close to Centro Plaza.

Gated urbanizations with luxury apartments include Los Granados Golf, Las Alamandas, La Alzambra, Aloha Park, and Nine Lions Complex. These properties are highly sought after, especially the south-facing villas towards the golf courses and top-notch apartments in the superior complexes.

What types of Properties are there in Nueva Andalucía?

Nueva Andalucía offers a wide range of properties that cater to the lifestyle needs of all types of clients. From luxury villas with private pools to stylish apartments and townhouses, this Mediterranean paradise has something for everyone.

If you prefer to live in a gated community, you can choose from apartments to modern villas. On the other hand, if you are looking for a traditional Andalusian-style home, you can explore the older properties, which have been renovated into contemporary high-specification villas by Scandinavian developers. These villas are highly sought after and command high prices.

Apart from villas, various apartments and townhouses are available in communities or urbanizations, surrounded by well-tended gardens and swimming pools.

How much does a property cost in Nueva Andalucía?

Nueva Andalucía is a highly exclusive area known for its luxurious super villas, private pools, and modern, contemporary apartments. These high-end properties have varying price points, ranging from 400,000 euros for two-bedroom apartments to over 1.5 million euros for large penthouses or garden apartments located in gated complexes.

Villas that have undergone major refurbishing in the Scandinavian style, with the latest technology and modern design, are in high demand and can command exceptionally high prices. These sustainable homes are designed to optimize energy and water usage, respecting natural resources. They are fully furnished by the best designers, ranging from 3.5 million euros to 14 million euros.

For those with lower budgets, more affordable property options are available. With such a wide range of price points, there is something to suit every budget and wish list when buying luxury property in Nueva Andalucía.

Nueva Andalucía Lifestyle

Living in Marbella is a unique and wonderful experience. The city has stunning landscapes and enjoys sunshine all year round, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as swimming, cycling, and walking along the beach. Besides, the city has marinas and numerous golf courses, making it ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the luxurious Marbella lifestyle.

Nueva Andalucía is a destination filled with activities. Sports enthusiasts can try various international sporting facilities such as golf courses, gyms, and paddle clubs. Tennis fans can take lessons at the local professional clubs, and there is something to cater to all levels of tennis players. Paddle clubs are also an excellent option for those who prefer a more laid-back environment. Moreover, Nueva Andalucía has many gyms with modern equipment and personal trainers to help you stay fit and healthy.

With over 300 days of sunshine a year, it’s no wonder that this area is a popular sporting activity and a lifestyle choice for many. For those who want to mix things up, entertainment in Nueva Andalucía includes plenty of international eateries, bars, and unique tapas spots that serve traditional Spanish cuisine.

Nueva Andalucía is an area of natural beauty, with the iconic backdrop of La Concha mountain framing the gently undulating terrain. Just a few minutes from the busy coast are quiet walking and hiking areas, while the beaches at Puerto Banús, San Pedro, or Marbella are never more than a five-minute drive away. The social hubs of the neighborhood include Centro Plaza and the old Bullring, which has recently been converted into an entertainment venue and commercial center, the bars and restaurants of Aloha, and many specialist shops and laid-back cafes.

The area is excellent for families! The outdoor lifestyle and year-round sunny climate are fantastic for kids, and the schools are first-rate. Aloha College is one of the most prestigious private schools in the area, and Spanish, bilingual, German, and Swedish schools are all within easy distance.

What are the restaurants like in Nueva Andalucía?

Nueva Andalucía is a popular spot for golfers, as there are plenty of golf courses in the area. The clubhouses of these courses have excellent restaurants with beautiful views of the fairways. For instance, Los Naranjos Golf Club has a restaurant called Hacienda Food and Golf that serves Scandi-Med fusion food from a former director of a Michelin-starred restaurant in Oslo.

Apart from golf courses, the area has many different types of restaurants, including Argentinian steakhouses and Indian, Chinese, and Italian restaurants. These restaurants are mostly located around popular hubs like Centro Plaza, Aloha, and Puerto Banús.

In addition to restaurants, there are various night-time venues in Nueva Andalucía for those who love glamour and fashion. Mamzel offers dinner and shows in an open-air setting, while Breath restaurant has a house DJ who plays eclectic lounge music. The Aloha area has a mix of family restaurants, sports bars, and sophisticated dinner venues.

Finding great food in Nueva Andalucía is easy, as options suit every budget and taste. If you want even more choices, you can take a five-minute car ride to either Puerto Banús or the Puente Romano & Nobu hotels, which have many more restaurants.


Nueva Andalucía in Marbella is undoubtedly a paradise that offers numerous benefits to those who choose to live there. With its beautiful marina at Puerto Banús and its cosmopolitan aspect, along with the gorgeous beaches and mountains, this place is ideal for a sporting lifestyle. The Mediterranean climate is mild and offers some of the best weather in Europe, with abundant sunshine throughout the year. Nueva Andalucía is an extremely desirable area to live, work, or visit, and it has something to suit everyone. We would love to show you around and help you find your dream home in this beautiful corner of Marbella.