Márton Mlinárik – The Marbella mission

A Marbella mission was launched under the command of real estate specialist Márton Mlinárik. The famous YouTube Vlogger and his staff visited the Costa del Sol and interviewed Dr. Zsolt Horváth, the founding CEO of Move2Marbella, and his colleagues. So far, more than 20,000 people have watched the documentary film published under the title “The Marbella mission.” Márton’s popular YouTube channel primarily shares valuable information about the development of the Budapest real estate market, apartment sales, and apartment purchases. Nearly 40,000 people have already subscribed to his fun, edgy-style videos.

Torrente moves to Marbella and becomes a private investigator again, accidentally uncovering gangsters. Some secret evidence changes hands, but this almost causes a disaster and ultimately saves the city – this is what the movie “Torrente 2: The Marbella Mission” is about, which is the second episode of the popular comedy series starring and directed by Santiago Segura. This film inspired the title of Márton Mlinárik’s latest documentary. There is also an “investigation” going on here, just slightly differently.

Márton found out why Marbella is so unique, what the real estate offer is like, what the similarities and differences between the Hungarian and Andalusian real estate markets, why it is essential to hire a lawyer for real estate transactions, and what surprises can come to those who decide to buy real estate alone. Of course, in contrast to Torrente, Márton and Zsolt’s “mission” does not contain any scheming and stumbling. Still, they present the real estate market in Marbella more professionally, whether it is worth investing in real estate here. What was their conclusion? Read this teaser article, then watch the video and find out!

They have been experts in the real estate market of the Costa del Sol for more than 12 years.

Sunlight. Beach. Mountains. Luxury. This is what the Costa del Sol and Marbella mean, where a small town’s worth of Hungarians have now found their new home. No wonder Europe’s rich and famous people all like to visit this area. And, of course, sooner or later, they buy real estate. And what do we need to know about the real estate market in Marbella? Dr. Zsolt Horváth accompanied Márton Mlinárik and his team to learn the most beautiful parts of the Costa del Sol. The fantastic weather and stunning views lend themselves to it, and Zsolt explains that the value of real estate here constantly increases. He also reveals a surprising detail: many nationalities live in peace here; for example, Russians and Ukrainians even play sports together – would you have thought?

Marbella mission: what problems can arise?

As we learn from lawyer Dr. Ferenc Bindics in the video, the main difference is that the lawyer’s job is to check the details of the real estate purchase from a legal and even other point of view, while the notary only certifies it. Why is a lawyer necessary for real estate transactions? For example, as Dr. Bindics explains, 10,000 properties in and around Marbella still need occupancy permits… This can cause huge complications if it is not found out in time, but you can only follow up on the legal status of the properties at this level with the help of a lawyer. , as it is not visible on the property page. “You must be brave and knowledgeable to start a real estate transaction without a lawyer.”

Unique climate

From Zsolt, we can learn that Marbella’s special microclimate is unique in Europe: the sun shines more than 300 days a year, and thanks to the mountains running along the coast, the temperature is more balanced, with no extreme hot or cold weather. The Sierra Blanca mountain range protects Marbella, creating a microclimate that makes the Iberian heat raging on the mainland pleasant in summer.

Mixing cultures: hello Africa!

The culture of the southern part of Andalusia is influenced above all by its proximity to North Africa (the Moroccan port city of Tangier is a few hours away) and its location in Europe, which lends such diversity and uniqueness to the Mediterranean cities located here in southern Spain. From the beach of the other famous city in the video, Estepona, for example, you can see Africa with the naked eye, or more precisely, the slopes of the Rif Mountains in Morocco.

Ervin Egri, Dr. Zsolt Horváth and Márton Mlinárik on a mission to Marbella… watch the video on YouTube!

At what price can an apartment be rented, e.g., In Estepona?

Estepona is the fastest developing and most famous town on the “New Golden Mile” in Marbella, the “new Marbella.” As Zénő Babják, a member of Move2Marbella, tells us, this is where most of the development takes place on the entire Costa del Sol. In the video, we can look into the everyday life of this small town, and some properties for sale are also shown. Developments, lots of newly built apartments, favorable prices… What else is attractive in this seaside town? The video reveals everything!

The entire film can be viewed at this link.