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If the Costa del Sol is the Florida of Europe, then Marbella is the Miami of it

This exclusive resort is located between Malaga and Gibraltar, where many international celebrities and royalty move in for the summer, either in private villas, exclusive five-star hotels or in their luxury yachts, or, thanks to the paparazzi, they spend most of the year in their well-documented property near Marbella. This is the most popular holiday resort of tabloid stars, football players with golden legs and moneyed golden boys, so many luxury cars can only be seen in such a small area in a maximum number of car showrooms.

The meeting point of the latest fashion and historical traditions

Every independent fashion designer has a boutique in Marbella or in the famous yacht harbor of the city, Puerto Banús. Gucci, Versace, D&G, Dior, Fendi stores line the trendy seaside location.
Spanish women are famously well-dressed – they are helped by the fact that on every corner you can find a boutique that promises a discount. Almost all year round, there is some kind of sale, you can get the collections of the most popular Spanish clothing stores at Hungarian prices. And after shopping, it’s nice to go to a beach bar for a cold drink. Puerto Banús is also worth mentioning here, where Soma, the Hungarian business manager of Sunset, the coolest cocktail bar, will mix you a cocktail creation – even personalized – and if you’re lucky, you can even take a selfie with the Champions League soccer players. However, luxury and glamor do not cross the line of good taste anywhere. Walking through the streets of the pretty, well-preserved “casco antiguo” (old town), you will be touched by the feeling of timelessness. At its center is the Plaza de los Naranjos, i.e. Square of Oranges, which, true to its name, enchants the visitor with the essence of the Mediterranean world and twice a year with the intoxicating scent of orange blossoms.

Remains of buildings recall Andalusia’s rich history – including Roman ruins, beautiful churches and a Moorish fortress.
Religious holiday traditions are very strong, extremely spectacular processions are held several times a year in honor of various saints and patrons. It is fascinating how hundreds of years of traditions come to life before the eyes of visitors and take them back in time!

He who gets up late finds gold!

Getting up early is not customary in Andalusia. Everyday life is also peaceful in the shadow of the luxury villas in Marbella. Kindergartens, kindergartens, schools, supermarkets open at 9 a.m., small shops and boutiques at 10 a.m. You can have breakfast in the fast food restaurant not until 11, but from 11, and the doctor’s office only gives an appointment at 8 in the morning for a blood test, who else would get up at the crack of dawn for that? At the butcher, they not only dice the meat for you to the desired size, but in the process, supported by the other customers, the butcher also provides advice on how he thinks you should prepare what you bought. And in the meantime, no one is upset .. This is hard to get used to, but not impossible. The twenty-year-old butcher guy will call you “my girl” even if you’re a seventy-year-old lady, and the uncle next door will occasionally knock on the door with a bag of avocados, or freshly caught fish exchanged for avocados, or freshly picked lemons, and even if you don’t speak the language. , entertains you with some anecdotes delivered in thick Andalusian vernacular. The Andalusians are welcoming and accepting, calm people, if you move here, you will do more for your own mental health than if you lived seven years in Tibet.

What’s up? Whatsapp?

Many people are put off by their lack of knowledge of the Spanish language. Marbella and its surroundings are completely international, so many different nations live and visit here that it is impossible not to bump into someone who speaks English, and we even risk that if you throw a pebble, there is a good chance you will hit an English person with it. Many Hungarians also live in this area, as evidenced by the activity of the “Hungarians on the Costa del Sol” group, which has been very popular on Facebook for years. There are also Hungarian lawyers, architects, photographers, wedding planners and accountants in Marbella and its catchment area, an excellent Hungarian pediatrician, an always patient dentist, a physiotherapist, a chiropractor and a dermatologist – not to mention the many different craftsmen, restaurateurs, innkeepers and car mechanics. If you don’t insist on your compatriots, the same ones can also be found in an amplified version in English, but a good number of Spanish civil servants also speak English well or less well. Foreign language education is mandatory in schools from the age of 4.

Since the 1970s, Marbella and its surroundings have been a popular destination for movie stars, world-famous musicians, and athletes. From Prince to Banderas, from George Clooney to Simon Cowell, dozens of well-known stars have already bought villas here, and the fact that this popularity is still on the rise is evidenced by nothing better than today’s two highest-paid athletes, Conor McGregor and Cristiano Ronaldo also bought real estate here, what’s more, Ronaldo recently bought a 4,000 square meter building for his hair clinic network. And you will be able to find exactly where to buy if you want to live next to the stars with the help of your real estate consultant.

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