Marbella East – the eastern part of Marbella

Marbella East, one of the most popular areas of the Costa del Sol, is increasingly popular with foreign visitors and investors.

This area has it all; whether you want beach life, a hiker’s paradise or a golfer’s sanctuary, Marbella East is the place to be. Marbella’s beaches are often considered the best because of their large size and clean sand. Golf courses can be found in almost every suburb, and the geographical location allows for hiking in the mountains. Just a short drive from glitzy Puerto Banus and traditional Marbella Old Town is Marbella East. East Marbella is also popular with Hungarians, many celebrities have apartments and holiday homes in this part.


Marbella-East includes everything from the arch at the entrance to Marbella that reads “Welcome to Marbella” to Cabopino. Marbella East lies along the A7 coastal road – the primary road that cuts through the area – and extends towards the coast and up into the mountains. Many famous personalities are attracted by the charm of Marbella and often buy property here. One of Marbella’s favorites, Antonio Banderas, has a beach house in Los Monteros. Simon Cowell, the English TV personality, chose the eastern part of Marbella as the location for the X-Factor rounds years ago and also bought a luxury villa on Sierra Blanca.

The AP-7 motorway is also nearby, providing faster access to Malaga Airport and the surrounding coastal areas. Some of the famous beach clubs in Marbella East include Nikki Beach, Trocadero Arena and Playa Padre.


The history of Marbella East dates back to the 14th century, when the area was still defined by Islamic culture. In the vicinity of the port of Cabopino, the Moors built the tower called “Torre Ladrones”, which can still be seen. This tower was later strengthened and expanded by the Christians to protect the people living in the area against pirates. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was still a fishing village, but in the 1960s, the area changed with the boom in tourism. The growth of the real estate market allowed wealthy tourists and foreign vacationers to buy new houses and villas. The history and development of Marbella East shows that the area has always been attractive to tourists and investors. It has managed to preserve the authentic Spanish atmosphere and the characteristics of rural life, while the growth of the real estate market has allowed modernization and development.


The eastern part of Marbella consists of several zones, each with its own characteristics. Below is a brief introduction to these areas, including schools, restaurants, leisure and beach facilities.

  1. Rio Real: One of the most exclusive areas in the eastern part of Marbella. The Rio Real Golf Course is located here, which provides an excellent opportunity for golf lovers. Several luxury villas and apartments can be found here, and a long stretch of sandy beach awaits visitors.
  2. Los Monteros: A luxury residential area with the Los Monteros Hotel in its central part. Next to the Hotel, Club de Padel Los Monteros is a very popular club in the East of Marbella and ideal for padel lovers, both professional and amateur players. The club has 11 courts and coaches and educational programs are available. This region has exclusive villas and apartments as well as several beach bars and restaurants. Here is International College Spain, an international school with excellent educational standards.
  3. Altos de Los Monteros: It is located at the foot of Los Monteros mountain and has one of the most beautiful views in Marbella. Almost all of the luxury villas here offer a panoramic view of the sea and the surrounding mountains.
  4. Los Monteros Playa: Part of the Los Monteros area and offers excellent opportunities for beach and sun relaxation. There are several restaurants and bars along the sandy beach, the Malaga University also has a branch in the area.
  5. Bay of Marbella: a residential community founded in 1995, which has been continuously being built and improved since then. It is located opposite the Hospital Costa del Sol, has a fantastic beach connection, and its dunes are called Playa Alicate.
  6. El Rosario: It is surrounded by many popular beaches and many entertainment options such as golf courses, tennis courts and bars can be found nearby. The neighborhood is quiet and safe, an ideal place for those looking for relaxation and tranquility. El Rosario is a great location in the east of Marbella, ideal for those looking for a relaxed lifestyle and great investment opportunities for those interested in real estate. The school here is English International College
  7. Santa Clara: The Santa Clara region is a safe and quiet place and offers an excellent option for those who want peace and vacation without giving up luxury. The area is home to exclusive villas and one of the area’s popular golf courses, Santa Clara Golf Marbella, is an 18-hole course.
  8. Las Chapas: Las Chapas is another quiet area in the east of Marbella. There are several restaurants and bars in the area, and the beaches are also very pleasant. The school here is the Alborán Colegio, which is a private school.
  9. Elviria: An excellent tourist destination that offers many entertainment options. In the area you can find exclusive villas and apartments, as well as several restaurants and bars. The area is home to the Elviria International School, which is an international school. The beaches are sandy and pleasant.
  10. La Mairena: A region in a beautiful natural environment in the eastern part of Marbella, where tranquility and privacy are the most characteristic. The area is located in the middle of the Biosphere Reserve, protected by UNESCO, in an exceptional natural environment. Exclusive villas and apartments, as well as a golf course, can be found in the area. The school here is Deutsche Schule Málaga, which is a German school.
  11. Costabella: Costabella is a beautiful and pleasant area on the coast that offers excellent opportunities for beaching and sunbathing. There are many bars and restaurants in the area and the beaches are also very pleasant.
  12. Marbesa: Marbesa is another excellent tourist destination in the eastern part of Marbella. In the area there are exclusive villas and apartments, as well as several restaurants and bars. The beaches are sandy and very pleasant.
  13. Cabopino: The former small fishing village has become a popular seaside resort, which is extremely popular among tourists. The port of Cabopino is a real paradise for boaters, where you can see traditional fishing boats in addition to luxury yachts. There are several restaurants and cafes in the harbor area, which offer visitors a real experience. The beach is protected by the dunes next to the harbor, which provides visitors with a calm and safe place to swim and sunbathe. The beach has Blue Flag certification, which means that the sea quality is excellent and the beach meets ecological and environmental protection criteria.


La Cabana - Marbella East - Los Monteros

There are many great restaurants and beach clubs in the eastern part of the city that are worth checking out. Here are some recommended places:

  1. Siroko Beach is a popular spot among locals and tourists alike. Here, guests can enjoy delicious seafood while enjoying the magnificent view of the beach. The restaurant is one of the best places in the area, with fresh fish and seafood the main attraction of the menu.
  2. La Cabane is a combination of great food and luxurious surroundings. The restaurant is located in the Los Monteros Hotel and is a real oasis in the bustling Marbella. La Cabane is also known for its special food, good drinks and view.
  3. Trocadero Arena is one of the best beach clubs in Marbella. The waterfront area of ​​the restaurant and bar is famous for its food and excellent service. The Trocadero Arena is a great place to enjoy the day on the beach and then enjoy the evening entertainment at the bar.
  4. La Plage Casanis is a fantastic location just a few meters from the beach. The elegant beach club with its Mediterranean-style interiors, terrace and cocktail bar perfectly matches the atmosphere of the region. Its menu features seafood, fish and Mediterranean delicacies that complement the drinks menu perfectly. La Plage Casanis is an ideal location for dinners, evening parties and family gatherings.
  5. Opium Beach Club is synonymous with luxury and fun. Around the beach services and pools, shade is provided by comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas where you can enjoy the sun. Evening programs range from musicians and DJs to spectacular fireworks. Opium Beach Club allows you to enjoy beach life during the day, then take over the dance floor in the evening and dance the night away.
  6. Playa Padre – This beach club is another popular spot in the eastern part of Marbella. The specialty of Playa Padre is that it exudes a true “boho-chic” atmosphere, usually house, in the evenings the resident DJ plays Tech-house music. and his guests. The beach club is an excellent place to relax and enchant visitors with its mouth-watering food and cocktails.
  7. Nikki Beach is one of the most exclusive beach clubs in the region. The venue has stunning pools, a beach bar and terraces and offers luxury experiences and amenities to guests from all over the world. The menu here also includes seafood, fresh salads, sushi and meat dishes. Nikki Beach also hosts many special events, such as the “White Party” and the “Red Party”, which are a great success every year.
  8. Bonos Beach Located just five minutes drive from the center of Marbella, this beach club is located on one of the best beaches on the coast and offers world-famous Spanish hospitality. Excellent international fusion cuisine, unique atmosphere, a perfect place for all ages, where fun reigns… at reasonable prices. Its decoration is clean, Ibiza style, in white and light tones, with Balinese beds. Bonos Beach offers many programs for guests, such as live music performances, DJs, cocktail parties and more.
  9. Ranchon Cubano Ranchon Cubano is a small garden of Eden in the eastern part of Marbella, which brings a little Caribbean atmosphere to the Mediterranean coast. It is located east of Marbella, right in front of Nikki Beach, not far from the Beach House, where the water is nice and shallow and the sand is fine and golden. The atmosphere on an August Sunday is simply bubbly! Locals flock here during the summer months to enjoy salsa, merengue and bacchata under the starry sky in the afternoons and late evenings with live music by the house band, Habana de los Locos. The club plays the role of a small island where guests can enjoy authentic Cuban food and drinks, sparkling sunshine and pleasant beach life. Ranchon Cubano is very popular with locals and tourists alike and is a great place to relax and unwind.
  10. Aquí Te Quiero Ver – Run by the same family since opening in 1977, this traditional seaside restaurant is a Spanish chiringuito full of history and character, in a charming, traditional setting, with simple, rustic decor, friendly service and using the best local flavors and ingredients , awaits its guests with delicious regional specialties prepared with great care. Being located on one of Marbella’s best beaches is a big plus, but the main attraction of Aqui Te Quiero Ver has always been the food. From the mouth-watering Arroz Negro to the Costa del Sol’s Espeto de Sardinas to the perfectly fried Pescaito Frito (fried fish), there is a great traditional dish for every taste. And although fish and seafood dominate the menu, there is plenty of room for fresh salads and a large selection of delicious homemade desserts.

You may find this article interesting in the area of ​​attractions in Marbella and its surroundings


  1. Golf: The area is famous for its golf courses, making it one of the most popular sports for golfers. There are many golf courses in the eastern part of Marbella where locals and tourists alike can enjoy the game. The most famous in this radio is the Rio Real Golf Club, which boasts an 18-hole, Par 72 course that is more than 6,000 meters long. The track runs along the Rio Real river, from which it takes its name. The river is an integral part of the track. The course was designed by Javier Arana and opened in 1965. This golf course is considered one of the best courses in Spain by the Royal Spanish Golf Association. There is also a golf academy on site, run by Sergio de Cespedes. Another popular one is the Santa Clara Golf Club, which has a Par 71, 18-hole course with a length of 5,922 meters. It was designed by Enrique Canales Busquet and opened in 1987. the Marbella Golf and Country Club.
  2. Padel tennis: It is becoming an increasingly popular sport in Spain, so it is not surprising that you can also find many courts in the eastern part of Marbella. Paddle tennis is a mixture of tennis and wallball and is a very enjoyable game.
  3. Water sports: Beaches on the east coast offer a variety of water sports such as swimming, windsurfing, kayaking and jet skiing. There are water sports centers on the coast, such as The Point Marbella, where visitors can rent Jet-Skis, water bikes and other equipment, as well as participate in educational programs.
  4. Mountain biking: The surrounding mountains are ideal for mountain biking enthusiasts. The area has plenty of challenging routes where visitors can enjoy beautiful views and challenging terrain.
  5. Amazonia Ropeway Park: Amazonia Ropeway Park is located on the east coast and is a great place for kids and adults alike. The park has over 100 different challenging obstacle courses, including ropes course, bridges and other exciting challenges.


The English International College (EIC) is one of the most popular schools in the area. because it places great emphasis on student performance and preparation for further education. EIC is a highly regarded British school offering education for children between the ages of 3 and 18. The school was founded in 1982 and has become a family favorite due to its strict pedagogy and outstanding results. The school prepares students excellently for GCSEs and offers the opportunity for students to continue their studies at any UK or international university.

Colegio Alborán is another great school in Marbella East. It is a bilingual private school that offers education to children between the ages of 3 and 18 in either Spanish or English. Alborán is very popular because of its large grounds, its own equestrian center and outdoor sports such as swimming and baseball.

Las Chapas School for Girls is a bilingual private school located in Elviria, and its sister school is ECOS School for Boys, also located nearby. Both schools are very popular and offer excellent educational opportunities for students who wish to study in Spanish and English.

The German International School, which also offers boarding, is located in La Mairena and provides education for children between the ages of 3 and 18. The school is one of the best choices for those who want to learn German or English, and is particularly attractive for those who come from abroad because of the boarding facility. The school is an ideal choice not only for those who speak German as their mother tongue or are connected to German culture, but also for all other students who value individual development and the development of critical thinking.