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Introduction to Marbella Dress Company

Marbella Dress Company

I recently had the opportunity to try out a new pattern company, Marbella Dress Company by Itch to Stitch, and their very first pattern . Initially hesitant due to my existing collection of classic-style dresses, I was intrigued by the pattern’s unique feature of different cup sizes (A-D). With an open mind, I embarked on sewing the Marbella Dress, and I must say that Kennis, the pattern designer, truly knows her craft. This review aims to provide an honest and positive account of my experience with this pattern, free from any influence of the complimentary pattern.

Pattern Design and Instructions

Itch to Stitch’s Marbella Dress pattern is a testament to Kennis’ expertise in the sewing realm and showcases the craftsmanship of the Marbella Dress Company. The design is classic and elegant, appealing to those seeking a timeless silhouette. What sets this pattern apart is the inclusion of different cup sizes, catering to a wider range of body types. This feature ensures a better fit, eliminating the need for extensive alterations. The Marbella Dress Company has truly created a versatile and flattering pattern for dressmakers of all skill levels.

The instructions provided with the Marbella Dress pattern are clear, concise, and well-illustrated. Kennis’ attention to detail is evident in every step, making it easy for both beginners and experienced sewists to follow along. From cutting the fabric to assembling the dress, the instructions guide you through the process seamlessly, leaving no room for confusion.

Sizing and Fit

One of the standout aspects of the Marbella Dress pattern is the availability of cup sizes (A-D). This thoughtful inclusion allows for a more customized fit, ensuring that the dress flatters your bust without the need for extensive adjustments. I found this feature particularly impressive and appreciated the attention to detail in accommodating different body shapes.

Additionally, the overall sizing of the Marbella Dress pattern from the Marbella Dress Company was accurate and consistent with standard measurements. Itch to Stitch provides a comprehensive size chart, enabling sewists to select the appropriate size with confidence. With minimal alterations required, I achieved a well-fitting dress that accentuated my curves comfortably. The Marbella Dress Company’s attention to detail in creating a pattern that caters to various body shapes and sizes truly impressed me, making it a go-to choice for dressmaking projects.

Construction and Techniques

Throughout the construction process, I was impressed by the pattern’s well-thought-out design elements and construction techniques. The pattern includes options for different finishes, such as bias-bound armholes or a fully lined bodice. These choices allow sewists to customize the dress to their preference and skill level.

The pattern also incorporates clever techniques for achieving clean finishes, such as the use of facings and understitching. These details elevate the overall look of the dress, giving it a professional and polished appearance. Kennis’ expertise shines through in these construction techniques, making the sewing experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Final Result and Wearability

Upon completing the Marbella Dress, I couldn’t be happier with the final result. The fit was exceptional, accentuating my figure in a flattering manner. The classic design and attention to detail in construction made the dress a timeless wardrobe staple. The Marbella Dress can be dressed up for special occasions or dressed down for a more casual look, making it versatile and suitable for various settings.

Pattern Instructions and Sizing

The Marbella Dress pattern by the Marbella Dress Company, Itch to Stitch, begins with detailed general information, including comprehensive measurements and specific yardage requirements. This attention to detail provides a solid foundation for a successful sewing project. I opted for a size 0 from the Marbella Dress Company, which was slightly smaller than my own measurements, as I preferred a close fit. However, it’s worth noting that the pattern includes a fair amount of ease in the finished measurements, allowing for a comfortable and flattering fit. The Marbella Dress Company’s commitment to providing clear and accurate instructions made the sewing process enjoyable and rewarding, resulting in a beautiful dress that I’m proud to wear.

When it came to selecting the cup size for the Marbella Dress by the Marbella Dress Company, I initially found it slightly confusing. The instructions suggested choosing the usual size, so I went with a D cup size. While I had doubts when looking at the shape of the pattern piece, I should have trusted Kennis’ advice, as the chosen cup size fit perfectly. In hindsight, I wondered if the initial size should be based on the high bust measurement, with a separate cup size chosen. Although I’m not entirely certain, I believe it worked out for me since I downsized slightly. The overall fit of the Marbella Dress was excellent, with a comfortably snug bodice and a slim yet walkable skirt. The neckline and shoulder area lay beautifully flat, adding to the dress’s overall polished look. The Marbella Dress Company’s patterns truly cater to a range of body types, ensuring a well-fitted and stylish result for any sewist.

Fit Adjustments and Considerations

While I was thrilled with the fit of the Marbella Dress by the Marbella Dress Company in most areas, I did notice some wrinkles at the lower back that I would like to address in future iterations of the dress. I suspect these wrinkles may be due to either a small sway back adjustment needed or caused by some other factor. It’s an area I plan to explore further, and I welcome any suggestions or ideas from fellow sewists who may have encountered similar issues. The Marbella Dress Company’s patterns are thoughtfully designed, and I believe with a few minor adjustments, I can achieve a flawless fit for my next creation.


The Marbella Dress pattern by Itch to Stitch impressed me not only with its clear and detailed instructions but also with its accurate sizing and customizable cup sizes. The pattern’s ease allowances and finished measurements provided a well-fitting garment, particularly when following Kennis’ guidance. While I experienced minor confusion regarding cup size selection, I found that trusting the suggested size recommendation yielded excellent results. The dress’s slim yet walkable skirt and comfortably snug bodice created a flattering silhouette, enhanced by the clean lines of the neckline and shoulder area.As with any sewing project, there may be areas for improvement and potential fit adjustments. In my case, I observed some wrinkles at the lower back and plan to investigate whether a small sway back adjustment or another factor may be causing them. Nevertheless, these minor issues do not diminish my overall satisfaction with the Marbella Dress pattern. I highly recommend it to fellow sewists seeking a well-drafted pattern with detailed instructions and customizable cup sizes.My experience with the Marbella Dress pattern by Itch to Stitch was undeniably positive. Kennis’ knowledge and expertise in sewing are apparent in every aspect of the pattern. The inclusion of different cup sizes ensures a better fit, and the well-illustrated instructions make the sewing process enjoyable and accessible to sewists of all skill levels.