Marbella – a real estate perspective

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Considered by many to be the Jewel of the Costa del Sol, Marbella is without doubt the most prestigious town along the coast.  Its privileged location, at the foot of the Sierra Blanca and on the coast, create an excellent climate and a landscape of immense beauty. It is known not only for its excellent climate and beaches but also as an area with great services and places of interest such as the Cabopino Dunes or the luxury Marina of Puerto Banus. There is an abundance of quality golf courses, sports clubs and a wide variety of establishments to justify its reputation. Great restaurants are a plenty in Marbella and the large La Cañada shopping center will satisfy even the most ardent shopaholic. Due to the improvements of technology and especially after the Covid 19 epidemic, there has been a sharp rise in people choosing this city as their home now. There are many international schools as well, which has made this possible.

Property prices in Marbella

As you might expect, This city is the most expensive town along the coast, both in terms of property prices and also day to day living.  It is very difficult to find a decent villa in Marbella for less than 1.000.000€ and of course the luxury end is significantly more than this.  A decent apartment in Marbella is going to cost around 500.000€. If you want to be near the beach, you can easily double these prices.