Málaga, the largest city on the Costa del Sol

Until recently, the city of Málaga has almost completely avoided tourism. A survey carried out 10 years ago showed that 95% of tourists visiting the city did not visit its attractions. Since then, Málaga has made great progress in this area and is now a popular tourist destination in Spain. For art and culture lovers, the Picasso Museum (Picasso was a resident of Málaga), the Carmen Thyssen Bornemis (one of the world’s greatest art collectors) and the Pompidou Centre are the places to visit. There are also many architectural attractions, such as the ruins of the Roman theatre from the 1st century BC. Also not to be missed is the Cathedral of Malaga, whose second tower was never completed, hence the locals’ nickname for the mighty building, the Lady with One Hand. The city also boasts a number of Arab architectural monuments, such as the Alcazaba and the Gibralfaro (fortress and castle). In addition to the many attractions, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of restaurants, tapas bars and cafés, which are open most of the year due to the good weather conditions.

Real estate market in Malaga
As mentioned above, Malaga has until recently been largely ignored by visiting tourists, and as a result there has been little interest in property here, which has been reflected in the low property prices. With the expansion of services, foreign interest in Malaga has increased, leading to a steady rise in prices, particularly for properties in the charming old town with its narrow streets. Many properties here have undergone major renovation and are being rented out to tourists through Booking.com and Airbnb. Málaga has experienced one of the highest property price rises in recent times and investors can still expect good returns from buying property here. Thanks to the University of Málaga, there are many students in the city all year round because (unlike many other large cities) it is not only a year-round destination, but also a busy school (mainly for language studies) in the summer.

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