Eva Longoria bought a house in Marbella

Eva Longoria, the renowned actress best known for her role in “Desperate Housewives,” has recently purchased a luxurious house in Marbella for over one million euros. This news has sparked excitement among her fans and the local community, as she has been a frequent visitor to the coastal town for several years. It was her friend, Melanie Griffith, who initially convinced her to attend the Antonio Banderas Foundation Gala in Marbella, and since then, Eva Longoria has fallen in love with the place.

While the official price of Longoria’s new residence remains undisclosed, it is known that none of the houses in the upscale development where she bought her property are priced below one million euros. After years of staying in renowned establishments such as Villas de Aloha, Meliá Don Pepe Hotel, and Puente Romano, the American actress has decided to invest in her own property in the city.

It has not yet transcended which house Eva Longoria bought or where she lived, but we do know that in the summer of 2022 she lived in a stunning villa in Aloha, an exclusive community in a golf course area of Nueva Andalucía. Villa Aire is one of the spectacular homes of a luxury real estate platform, with five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, garden, pool and gym.

According to an exclusive report by Vanitatis, Longoria has acquired a spectacular house that will serve as her home whenever she visits the Costa del Sol. Numerous workers are diligently working to have the property ready by July when Longoria is set to attend and sponsor the Global Gift gala in Marbella.

The new residence, designed by Melvin Villarroel, boasts a total constructed area of over 500 square meters and is complemented by a vast garden spanning nearly 600 square meters. The house features a swimming pool and offers a great deal of privacy, although its garden borders the neighboring houses’ gardens. Simultaneously, as many American media outlets have reported, Longoria and her husband have put their exclusive mansion in Beverly Hills up for sale, with an asking price of over 21 million euros.

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Zazou Belounis, CEO of Casanis Group and one of Marbella’s most influential business figures, confirmed the actress’s new acquisition, as reported by Vanitatis. Eva Longoria and her husband, José Bastón, are currently renovating the property, aiming to have it ready for the summer season.

Eva Longoria expressed her desire to own a house in Marbella, stating, “I want to buy a house in Marbella because I already feel like I belong to this land; whenever I am with my family, we are happy.” Her new house will not only provide a retreat for her and her family but will also serve as a convenient base as she sponsors the Global Gift gala, scheduled to take place on July 23 at the Don Pepe Hotel.

For the purchase of the house, Eva Longoria had to go through certain procedures. Apart from providing bank statements, she obtained an NIE number at the Consular Office, which served as her foreign identification number. With the NIE, she was able to open a bank account and proceed with the purchase. It’s worth noting that foreigners who acquire properties in Spain for over 500,000 euros are eligible to apply for a residence permit, commonly referred to as the “golden visa.” This permit allows non-citizens to live and work in Spain with their families, similar to a “Green Card” in the United States.

Eva Longoria’s acquisition of a lavish residence in Marbella reflects her deep connection and fondness for the region. Her decision to invest in a property in this picturesque coastal town further solidifies her ties to the community and reinforces Marbella’s status as a favored destination for celebrities and discerning homeowners alike.