Estepona – the new “Marbella”

Estepona is a beautiful city in southern Spain, in the Costa del Sol region. It belongs to the autonomous community of Andalucia and is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea on its northern coast. Estepona is a place where both tradition and modern lifestyle can be found, offering many attractions to those who live here or visit. In this article, we will look at why you should move to Estepona and what opportunities you can find here.

1. Excellent climate

Estepona’s climate is one of the city’s main attractions. The Mediterranean climate of the region is extremely pleasant all year round. The winter months are not too cold either, and the summer months are pleasantly warm. Plenty of sunshine allows people to enjoy the outdoors all year round and enjoy the beautiful beaches and coastal promenades.

2. Beautiful beaches and coastal lifestyle

Estepona’s long coastline attracts those who love the seaside lifestyle. The sandy beaches, as the English call them “the beaches in Estepona”, are perfect for sunbathing, water sports and long walks. Evening walks on the seaside promenade provide an unforgettable experience. The city also offers seafood to its residents, so fans of fresh seafood will find something to suit their tastes. One of the best beaches in the city is “Playa del Cristo”, which is a small sheltered bay with shallow water not far from the yacht harbor, with a sandy beach, beach bars, and a beautiful view.

3. Rich cultural heritage

Estepona has a rich historical and cultural heritage. For example, its name is of Moorish origin, and the city’s history goes back many centuries. In its center, we find a picturesque old town, the largest on the entire Costa del Sol, where narrow streets, whitewashed houses, and colorful squares create a unique atmosphere. The city also offers many museums, galleries, and historical attractions. 

4. Vibrant community life

Estepona has a lively community and social life. Both locals and tourists can easily find common interests, and numerous clubs, organizations, and events create a homely, friendly environment. The locals love to be outside; the streets and squares have a lively social life from morning until night. 

5. Excellent educational opportunities

If you have children, Estepona offers excellent educational opportunities. The city has several public and private schools, kindergartens, and nurseries, and high-quality educational institutions are also easily accessible in nearby cities.

6. Health care

The standard of healthcare in Spain is high, and Estepona is no exception. On the outskirts of the city, there is a new central hospital, an on-call clinic, a private hospital, and many medical clinics that can be visited with private or public health insurance.

7. Leisure opportunities

Estepona is an ideal place for lovers of sports and leisure activities. The city and its surroundings offer excellent opportunities for golf lovers, several golf courses are available, and the area is also known as the “Costa del Golf”. The local football team is in the Spanish 5th division. Where you can experience the feeling of local football for 15 Euros per month. In addition, the surrounding mountains and forests offer excellent opportunities for hiking and excursions.

Estepona’s catchment area has everything. If you want to party a little more, you can quickly get to Marbella and Puerto Banús. Gibraltar is also half an hour away by car. Those who want a little more exotic places can also do so. Africa is a half-hour boat ride from Gibraltar. The beautiful white villages can be found in the mountains within a 20-30 minute car journey.

Cultural programs in Estepona, official information from the Mayor’s Office

8. Transportation

Estepona is well connected to the rest of the Costa del Sol and is easily accessible by car or public transport. Malaga airport is close by, so international flights are also easily accessible. A direct bus service takes you to Malaga airport in one hour.

9. Gastronomy

Estepona boasts a rich gastronomic offer. There are many restaurants in the city where people can taste the delicacies of local and international cuisine. Fresh seafood, tapas, and traditional Spanish dishes are consistently among the best here.

10. Cultural events and holidays

Estepona is famous for its cultural events and festivals where locals proudly celebrate the city’s history and traditions. One of the most prominent events is the Flower Festival (Feria de las Flores), during which the streets are covered with colorful flower decorations and a festival atmosphere prevails. But during the whole year there is a festival of some kind in the city every two weeks. Southern Spaniards really like to celebrate and they do.

11. Art and entertainment

Estepona also offers many opportunities for art and entertainment lovers. The city has cultural centers, theaters, and live music venues where people can enjoy various performances and concerts.

12. Family-friendly city

Estepona is a family-friendly city and an ideal place for families. Beach promenades and playgrounds keep the kids entertained, and the town offers plenty of places for families to spend time together.

13. Retirement paradise

Many retirees choose Estepona, and not by chance. The pleasant climate, peaceful environment, excellent health care, and community life opportunities are ideal for retirees.

family, old age, travel, tourism and people concept – happy senior couple sitting on deck chairs on summer beach

14. Cultural diversity

Estepona attracts many foreigners from all kinds of countries, so the city is culturally diverse and open. This makes it possible to learn about different cultures and develop intercultural relations.

15. Proximity to tourist attractions

Due to Estepona’s strategic location, nearby tourist destinations such as Marbella, Malaga, or Gibraltar are easily accessible. This allows the city’s residents to explore the various attractions and experiences in the area.

16. Shopping and dining options

Estepona has many shops, markets and restaurants. People have easy access to fresh local products and can enjoy the delicious dishes of Spanish cuisine. 

17. Security and peace:  

Estepona is one of the safest cities in Spain, which guarantees the peace and security of the population.

18. Natural beauties

The surroundings of the city are also impressive. The Sierra Bermeja mountain range hugs Estepona and offers stunning views of the city and the sea. Those who like to live close to nature can find paradise here.

Estepona is truly a special place. The Mediterranean lifestyle, rich culture, and beautiful environment together form the foundations of an ideal living space. Whether you are coming for a short visit, a more extended stay, or relocation, Estepona is well-deservedly famous for its appeal and quality of life.

What do you need to know about the real estate market in Estepona?

The property market in Estepona can be attractive to both property buyers and property investors. We have compiled some important information below.


The real estate market in Estepona is highly diverse. You can find traditional Andalusian-style houses, modern apartments, luxury villas, and beach properties in the city. It offers real estate buyers a wide selection so they can easily find a property that meets their needs.


Prices in Estepona have risen rapidly in the past period, and there are reasons for this. At the moment, most of the developments in Costa del Sol are taking place in Estepona. As you can already read above, it has all the features needed for a person to live a comfortable and full life in it. Real estate prices vary depending on the city and the type of property. Beachside and old-town properties tend to be priced higher. These two locations are very popular among foreigners.

Lots of Dutch, Swedish, and Belgian citizens buy properties in these parts of the city. On the other hand, you can get cheap apartments in the harbor, and everything is nearby: the port, shops, restaurants, and the beach. You can buy even more affordable properties in Huerta Nueva, which is also close to the old town. The best thing about Estepona is that everything is within easy reach.

Investment opportunities

Real estate investment opportunities in Estepona can be attractive. The city is a popular tourist destination, so short- or long-term rental of properties can be a significant source of income. In addition, due to the city’s continuous development and increasing population density, the value of real estate may increase in the long term. In the old town, many foreign citizens buy ruined houses, which they renovate and make a considerable net profit after selling. Airbnb can be used all year round because many tourists come to the city regardless of the season. Obviously, in this matter, the coastal area and the old town are the most frequented and the easiest to rent out. Prices vary, but properties can be rented out in these parts for 120-180 Euros daily.

Legal and tax aspects

Acquiring real estate in Spain involves specific legal and tax considerations. It’s a good idea to seek expert advice before becoming a property owner to understand local laws and tax obligations. We at Move2Marbella can help with all related questions.

Purchase process

The property-buying process in Estepona is similar to that in other Spanish cities. This includes selecting the property, submitting the offer, concluding the purchase contract, and officially transferring the property. It is important to document every step carefully and use the help of a legal advisor during the purchase process, which we at Move2Marbella can also help you with.

Overall, the property market in Estepona offers attractive opportunities for those looking for a home in this beautiful location and those looking to invest in the property market. Before buying real estate, always do your research and ask for expert advice on the specific local market and legal requirements.