Costa del Golf – Costa del Padel

The sunny coast of Spain is not just the number one destination in Europe for vacationers, but it is also a gold mine for sports enthusiasts! There is everything on the corner of Marbella to complement your vacation with sports or even to travel there specifically for that purpose. It’s also a great opportunity for expats to make excellent acquaintances and friendships on the padel court while playing golf or even climbing.

There are many padel and golf courses on the Costa del Sol, which is rightly called Costa del Golf or Costa del Padel. Although padel tennis is still less well-known in Hungary, it is already very popular in Spanish-speaking countries. It is no exaggeration to say that there is a court on every corner of the Costa del Sol. Its popularity lies in the fact that it combines the best elements of racket sports, such as wall ball and tennis, can be played by all ages, and is a real community-building game.

Padel is played by four people on a closed court surrounded by a glass wall, and the wall is also part of the playing field, just like in wall ball. Pairs can be organized in advance, but so-called mixin tournaments are common, where an organizer puts pairs together based on their playing skills.

Here’s the huge advantage of the sport if we’re in a foreign country without acquaintances or friends: with the help of padel, we can quickly find a new company, and an international one, since the sport attracts almost everyone who ends up in Spain. It’s addictive, meaning that once we try it, we’ll never get rid of it. Since it’s played in pairs, it can be started at any age and fitness level, and rapid development can be achieved. The racket is shorter and sturdier than a wall ball or tennis racket, so the game is not stressful from this point of view either. The courts are outdoor, which is also an advantage as we can play in the fresh air.

Padel is a sport that was invented in Mexico in 1969 by Enrique Corcuera. He wanted to build a tennis court in his garden but did not have enough space. So, he made the court smaller and surrounded it with a wall. The sport became popular in Spain, and even famous footballer Iker Casillas began playing paddle tennis while he was still active. Since retiring, he has spent millions of euros on the sport’s development. Another famous footballer, Leo Messi, has even built a court at his house in Barcelona. Hungarian visitors and expats have also discovered the sport. György Haris bought his first property on the Costa del Sol in 1997 and has been living there ever since. In the winter, he spends as much time as possible in Marbella with his wife.

George Haris

“I have been playing tennis for a long time, but I used to think padel was just child’s play. However, one day, I saw professionals playing it, and I liked it. Since then, I have been playing Padel almost exclusively and have even introduced it to my friends who visit me. It’s great to see that the sport has become more popular now, with padel centers opening up in Budapest and the countryside, coaches being trained, and an association being formed. The game has a huge following in Marbella, where people from different nationalities regularly meet to play and socialize. The sport is not as physically demanding as other racket sports, such as squash or tennis, and the court is smaller. However, players need to be smart and feel the bounce of the ball coming from different angles off the glass walls. It may be difficult at first, but after a few sessions and practice with a coach, you can master it. You can start playing at any age and quickly reach a level where you can enjoy the game. And for those who have played tennis, volleyball or badminton in the past, it’s almost like child’s play.”

You can play golf all year round

The Costa del Sol is a popular destination for golf enthusiasts, boasting nearly a hundred golf courses. Its courses are well-situated, and the weather is consistently good, with temperatures never dropping below 15 degrees Celsius during the day, even in winter. Due to the region’s climate, golf can be played all year round, making it an ideal location for golf lovers of all skill levels. The golf industry has flourished in the area, with luxury hotels, courses, tournaments, and golf shops. Among the best Spanish courses, Finca Cortes in Casares is highly rated and has hosted numerous world tournaments. Other notable courses include Aloha Golf Club Marbella, Los Naranjos and Los Flamingos Golf Clubs, and the renowned Valderrama Golf Club, which is considered the best course in Europe. For those who want to learn golf, there are excellent golf academies to choose from. Golfer J. Attila Hegyi, one of the founders of Hungarian golf, has been visiting Marbella for years and praises the area’s perfect conditions, which helped him achieve a handicap of around 6. One of his biggest successes was winning the Los Flamingos Match Play Golf Championship international competition.

Golfer J. Attila Hegyi, one of the founders of the Hungarian golf sport, likes to visit Marbella for years, because, as he says, the conditions there are perfect. “I have been playing golf for almost thirty years. In Bükfürdő, we founded and built the first club in Hungary organized on an 18-hole golf course, the Birdland Golf & Country Club. I owe my results to the Costa del Sol’s facilities and wonderful courses! My qualification of around hcp 6 is mainly due to the last ten years spent in Marbella. I also achieved one of my biggest successes when I won the Los Flamingos Match Play Golf Championship international competition,”

J. Attila Hegyi

The expert highly recommends golf to everyone, as it is an elegant activity that can be enjoyed in a beautiful environment with a sporting character. Playing golf for 4-5 hours means covering about 8-10 km of intense movement, making it an excellent cardio workout for all. It is worth starting with sufficient perseverance and diligence, and teaming up with someone to motivate and help each other through the initial period can be beneficial. The social nature of golfing will develop over time, which is perhaps one of the best things about golf clubs in Marbella.On two wheels on the Costa del Sol

On two wheels on the Costa del Sol

Cycling enthusiasts can find their ideal destination in this area, especially those who enjoy high mountain roads or extreme adventures. However, those who prefer a more comfortable cycling experience can rent a bike from several points and take a leisurely ride along the Costa del Sol coastal promenade, where there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to relax.

Exploring the coastal settlements from the saddle is also a great option, even during a vacation. If you are staying in the area for a longer period, the entire coastal section can be explored on two wheels, as the infrastructure is excellent, and there are many built-up bicycle paths crisscrossing the area.

Travel agencies organize many bicycle tours, ranging from easy to difficult levels. If you are up for an extreme adventure and have the necessary fitness, fantastic mountain adventures await you, and you can explore the beautiful white Andalusian villages by bike.

Spain is a sporting nation, and this is reflected in the excellent facilities available. In addition to cycling, there are many other sports to enjoy in the area, such as running along the coastal promenade or working out at one of the many gyms.