Confession of a second career


After graduating from university, my career progressed as usual. I had a successful practice and lived well with my wife and daughter. However, my curiosity about unfamiliar worlds grew stronger. I wondered if I would become a migrant, expat or immigrant. Although I was attached to my life at home, I felt the urge to explore unknown territories.

Initially, my plan was to take a six-month annual absence from work and travel. However, I found myself working remotely from Marbella, Spain, and helping my compatriots with their tasks. The Mediterranean Sea and warmth of the sun greeted me instead of the office wall. I had not even worn a suit in months, a far cry from my previous life.

At first, we were afraid and worried about our daughter’s education. However, she settled in quickly and even started speaking Spanish after a month and a half. We began to realize that staying in Marbella would be good for us and our child. We have now lived here for a long time, and we find the world more beautiful. Even Budapest seems more lovely to us now.

I am Dr. Ferenc Bindics, a lawyer and a member of the Hungarian and Spanish Bar Associations.